Who is this Jacqueline Garwood?

At first glance, I am probably very much like you.  I am a woman of the baby-boom generation who, like other women of my generation, have a job that allows me to express myself creatively, have a grown son and grandchildren, a dog and a cat, enjoy red wine, try to eat organically and healthily, and am losing a constant war against my ever-expanding middle in spite of working out semi-regularly.  I have hobbies, too many of them:  painting, writing, constant redecorating and renovating, reading, sewing.

Even a deeper look inside will reveal that we are not much different.  I also have dreams and hopes that are still to be realized.  My background and personal history may be very different than yours.  I value the twisted road that brought me to where I am now, even though it may have been very rocky in places.  I am a constant questioner and adventurer.  I love that about me.  In fact, I believe my purpose is to help and inspire others to see the unlimited possibilities, to find their adventurous spirit and to walk their unique life path with joy and gratitude.

This and my other books, blogs and programs are my way of fulfilling that purpose.

I am the author of four other books:

  • Future Pull, Partner with the Universe to Create the Life of Your Dreams
  • Future Pull, Partner with the Universe to Create the Life of Your Dreams (condensed version)
  • Future Pull Life Creation Playbook and Journal
  • The Seven Day Mental Diet, Updated for the 21st Century.

I invite you to visit my blogs and website:


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