#83 – About Time Travel, Nagging Questions and Butch Cassidy

Butch Cassidy-before Bolivia

Today I am tackling question #83:  If time travel was possible, what time would you want to travel back to and who would you want to meet?  What would you want to ask that person?Well, I’ve given it a great deal of thought and I can’t make up my mind.  So here goes:

Robert Parker aka Butch Cassidy?
what do you think?







First, I would choose to visit Jesus.   According to The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, a book by Michael H. Hart, Muhammed and Isaac Newton beat out Jesus.  But Jesus is my first choice.  I would want to go and meet him when he was about 31 and relatively new to his ministry.  I would ask him, “Where have you been?  You disappeared from age 12 to 30.  What were you doing?  Did you travel to India and China as some people claim?  What did you learn there?  Did you join the Gnostics?  Do you know what’s been happening since you’ve been gone?  Do you know what people do in your name?”   He might be a little upset when he finds out.

Now my second choice, just in case Jesus is not really an historical figure but rather a compilation of the various messiah myths that have been floating around since the dawn of time, is Amelia Earhart.  I’d like to meet her and ask her, “What the hell happened? How long did you and Noonan last alive on that island?  Was your plane washed away?  What happened in the end?”  I’d also offer her my condolences and express my hope that whatever happened it didn’t hurt too much.

On the off chance that I couldn’t meet Amelia Earhart because she is still alive and perhaps ruling as the strange white queen of some undiscovered island where people live to unbelievably advanced ages, I would want to meet Butch Cassidy.  I would ask him, “So what really happened, Bob.”  Yep, I would call him Bob instead of Butch.  I would want to know, “Did you really die in Bolivia?  Or did you live out a peaceful middle-class existence as Robert Parker, business owner, in Spokane, Washington?  And did you write your own autobiography?”  I might as well also ask about the Sundance Kid, since DNA evidence on the two who were buried in the supposed graves of the outlaws, were not found to match the DNA of the real bandits.

Who would you want to go and meet and what would you ask them?

2 thoughts on “#83 – About Time Travel, Nagging Questions and Butch Cassidy

  1. Hi Jacqueline. Now, there’s a question! I’d like to meet Leonardo da Vinci, and ask him for one of his discarded drawings. Or, better still, one of his notebooks! Not that I’d have been able to decipher it, though, probably. This is a great question.

    • Yes Leonardo da Vinci was on my list too. I wanted to ask him for a brief lesson in drawing. There were so many people on my list, I had to restrain myself. I wanted also to talk to Vincent Van Gogh and ask him why there were 11 stars on his painting and if he really was thinking about the bible passage in Genesis. I also wanted to ask him what made him cut off his ear. I also wanted to ask Elizabeth I if she was really a man who took the real elizabeth’s place when she died of a childhood disease. I obviously watch too many historical mysteries tv shows.

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